NanoVON™- a revolutionary range of green, safe, affordable nano coatings that bond and crystalize on any surface, forming an invisible shield, with continuous disinfecting capability against all pathogens up to 365 days. It doesn’t only kill viruses & bacteria, but decomposes the cells themselves. 


Spray Onto Any Surface for Complete Anti-Microbial Protection

  • 30 Seconds Kill time
  • Self-Disinfecting
  • Long Lasting 365-Days
  • Reduce Contamination
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Applicable to virtually all materials and surfaces
  • Uses EPA-Registered Technologies
  • Durable even after Washing

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Why Choose NANOVON?

  • Kills pathogens and inactivates viruses 24/7
  • Long Lasting anti-microbial up to 365 days
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Can be used virtually anywhere, on any surface
  • Does not involve leaching technology or heavy metals
  • Prevents “superbug” mutation as there is no chemical interaction with microbes
VONECO_nanovon AX


 A medical grade application perfect for airports, hospitals & malls.

VONECO_nanovon BX

nanovon™ BX

An industrial grade application perfect for ideal for offices & homes.